April 18, 2023 Farming, Local, Organic


Sustainable Sourcing – Loch Duart Salmon

In an industry suffering from overfishing and environmental degradation, Loch Duart Salmon stands out as a beacon of hope.

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January 27, 2023 Local, Organic, Sustainability


Our Sustainability Initiatives

Eden is committed to a sustainable future and improving the well-being of our team, guests, and community. We look to lead in environmental sustainability through our local farm partnerships, food waste diversion initiatives, serving and packaging options, culinary techniques, operational advancements, and the continual expansion of our on-site greenhouse.

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January 4, 2023 Farming, Local, Organic


Global Farmers Growing Locally

Global Garden Refugee Training Farm is a non-profit farm with 100 refugee families who have created an oasis in Albany Park, Chicago. The farm was founded in 2012 by Linda Seyler with Haley LeRand later joining project.

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