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fostering a community-centric dining experience

At eden, we foster a community-centric dining experience grounded in sustainability and social responsibility. We utilize seasonal, locally sourced ingredients from our on-site greenhouse and farm partnerships and prioritize waste diversion initiatives to minimize our environmental footprint. Additionally, we collaborate with local and minority-owned businesses aligned with our mission to promote inclusivity within our community and support the vitality of our local economy.



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our initiatives


sustainability is at the heart of our business

We strive to contribute to a sustainable and inclusive food system by addressing environmental concerns, engaging with the local community, and promoting economic growth. To this end, we have implemented various initiatives and processes, including:

  • Utilizing our on-site greenhouse for growing ingredients.
  • Prioritizing local sourcing to support nearby farmers by planning our menus around seasonal availability.
  • Utilizing WasteNot’s services to collect and compost waste.
  • Minimizing plastic waste by adopting compostable or recyclable packaging.
  • Participating in a cooking oil recycling program to convert used oil into biofuel.
  • Recycling glass, paper, and aluminum.
  • Replacing plastic water bottles with glass and aluminum water products.
  • Using linen hand towels in our restrooms.

growing onsite


from garden to table

Our greenhouse, a unique feature spanning 20 feet by 28 feet, hosts 18 garden beds, each measuring 4 feet by 4 feet, alongside a myriad of pots and growing vessels. Every bed, meticulously crafted in-house, cradles soil enriched over eight years with exclusively organic fertilizers. With perpetual on-site access to naturally cultivated ingredients, we actively reduce our carbon footprint by curtailing transportation emissions. The greenhouse also allows us to help support the ecosystem with the flowers we plant that attract bees, butterflies, birds, and other pollinators.

purposeful sourcing


sustainable, seasonal, and local ingredients


Beyond our growing practices and initiatives, eden has been building relationships with local farms and vendors that align with our commitment to sustainability. The farm partnerships include Nichols Farm & Orchard, Mick Klüg Farms, Froggy Meadow Farm, and Iron Creek Farm. Listed below are highlights we proudly showcase to reflect this commitment:

  • Eggs are sourced from Little Farm on the Prairie, a small, local family farm raising free-range chickens.
  • Salmon is sourced from Loch Duart, one of the world’s leading producers of sustainably raised salmon.
  • Using the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch list as our guide to selecting sustainable seafood choices.
  • Our menu includes a selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes with low carbon footprints.


eden grows over 46 herbs, edible flowers, and leafy greens

Growing within the Community


green city market

Owner Jodi Fyfe and Partner/Chef Devon Quinn share a profound connection with the market. Devon’s unwavering presence at the weekly markets has fostered numerous relationships within the Green City Market community. Together, they routinely attend with their beloved dogs, stocking up on fresh finds. Chef Devon frequently lends his culinary expertise to chef events and demonstrations, while Jodi’s commitment led her to join the Green City Market board of directors in 2023.


learn more about Green City Market

urban farm partner


global garden refugee training farm

Global Garden Refugee Training Farm is a vibrant one-acre urban farm located two miles north of eden in Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood. This nonprofit organization provides over 96 farm plots and six incubator farms to refugee families to grow food for themselves and sell to restaurants, food pantries, and farmers’ markets. Eden proudly sources arugula from market farmers Ka Nay Moo and her father, Pah Ka Tee, originally from the Karen State in Burma, where they farmed and grew many different types of vegetables and rice.


learn more about Global Garden Refugee Training Farm

Featured Community Partner


the evolved network

Founded by Chef Sebastian White, The Evolved Network utilizes culinary experiences to establish a safe and creative environment for youth in systematically oppressed communities in Chicago. Jodi Fyfe, owner of eden and founder/CEO of The Paramount Group, serves on The Evolved Network’s Board of Directors. In this capacity, she advises and assists in fundraising efforts and promotes their brand and mission. Our partnership activities have included hosting and helping to plan and promote their annual fundraising event, facilitating roundtable discussions with prominent community figures to address food insecurity issues, collaborating with Chief Culinary Officer Devon Quinn on intimate fundraising dinner events, co-creating summer programming for the Manning Public Library, and hosting educational events at our on-site greenhouse.

learn more about The Evolved Network

opportunities to amplify


supporting small, local and minority-owned businesses

As a small, woman-owned business, we are dedicated to uplifting our local community and promoting diversity in entrepreneurship. We prioritize partnering with vendors who align with our sustainability, quality, and inclusivity values, showcasing their products on our shelves. Our offerings range from craft beer brewed by Great Central Brewery to Brewpoint coffee, as well as an array of artisanal goods such as soaps, soy candles, and fair-trade home goods. Each item reflects our commitment to supporting local, small, and minority-owned businesses while providing customers with distinctive and socially conscious gift options.

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