The Space


California coast meets European cafés

The reimagined vision of Eden is a continuation of the California cool vibe, but with a darker, moodier spin. Mixing vintage-inspired European residential and café elements, an increased sense of warmth and familiarity invite you into the space.

the restaurant


contrast, light, and nature

From the plays on light versus dark, geometric versus organic, smooth versus textured, and even the mix of textures within the space, Eden’s contrasts comes together as a unified vision that is welcoming and calming. The abundance of glass doors and windows allows natural light to glide across the checkered marble floors and picture frame molded walls throughout the day. The restaurant interior acts as a mirror to the seasons, providing an environment as dynamic as its menu. The connection to nature also exists in the wallpaper and framed black and white organic illustrations found in the restaurant.


Grab a wicker seat by a window or relax on our moss-colored, tufted sofas as you take in the curated sophistication that invites you into Eden.

Private Dining Rooms


Enter a state of calm in Slate

The mood of Eden’s main dining room rolls into Slate like a fog blanketing the city and the panorama-like woodland mural provides a serene and surreal view to anyone entering the space. The dark and moody chamber captures the moment before a gentle rain washes away the hustle and bustle of the city. Raise your glass and toast to letting time and your worries slip away in this truly transportive space.

Private Dining Rooms


Clear your mind and your senses in Selenite

With a nod to Eden’s original interior, you will be lifted into a room of lightness and clarity.  Design details and finishes continue in from the main dining room, but curated elements from the brass light fixture, framed artwork, and fireplace mantle provide unique accents allowing the space to stand on its own. Adorning the room from its namesake are selenite crystals, that reflect the idea of the elements and simplicity that are influential in Eden’s menu creation.

the outdoor courtyard


stop and smell the flowers

Inspiration behind Eden has always been creating a connection with nature. What better way to celebrate this than by listening to a serenade from the local avian choir or feeling every temperature of Chicago wind on your skin as it blows fragrant plumes from our planters of flowers, herbs, and other vegetation. We welcome you to enjoy a cup of coffee with the rising sun or savor one of our seasonal cocktails or mocktails under the light of the moon.