About Eden


seasonal flavors crafted with fresh, high-quality ingredients

Eden is a contemporary restaurant focused on new American, simple, clean cuisine.

An oasis for food and comfort

Eden is ever-evolving, with a menu that embraces seasonal flavors that are cultivated inside our on-site greenhouse or sourced locally from farmers and purveyors. With a fresh-focused culinary team, private dining options, market items & home goods, an outdoor patio, and a bar with specialty crafted cocktails, eden is unlike any other restaurant in Chicago.





Using few ingredients, but using good ingredients

Eden focuses on a minimal use of ingredients, with an approach based on restraint and subtraction. These ingredients are curated by the chefs on a daily and weekly basis through our own farming or local markets and farms. Utilizing our greenhouse, we grow plants and flowers that add beauty and robust, clean flavors. Being active in farmers’ markets and going to farms, the chefs are able to see, touch, and smell ingredients to select items of the highest quality. With few ingredients, what’s on the plate has to be great – there’s nothing to hide behind.

Our Greenhouse


we cook what we grow

Measuring 20′ x 28′, our greenhouse is filled with 18, 4’x4′ garden beds and a plethora of pots and growing vessels. Each bed was built in-house and is filled with soil that has been nurtured for over 8 years using only organic fertilizers. Growing on-site ensures that the ingredients in our menu are all natural and that we’re able to harvest at optimal times to produce maximum flavor and freshness. The greenhouse also allows us to simulate seasonal conditions to produce bountiful yields all year round.

our growing partners

To supplement our on-site production, we source ingredients from local farms and purveyors. Green City Market in Lincoln Park, is where you’ll find Chef Devon Quinn curating produce from his favorite farms including Froggy Meadow Farms, Nichols Farm, and Iron Creek Farm. Eden is also a partner with Global Garden Refugee Training Farm to purchase ingredients grown by the families that are apart of their organization. Global Garden provides land to newly arrived refugee farmers where they can grow food to feed themselves or sell at markets for a source of income.

reserve your experience

Walk-ins are available for brunch, lunch, and dinner, but reservations are recommended.


closed monday & tuesday
wednesday & thursday: 11am-3pm | 5pm-9pm
friday: 11am-3pm | 5pm-10pm
saturday: 10am-3pm | 5pm-10pm
sunday: 10am-3pm

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