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Chef Devon on WGN’s Lunchbreak Today


In case you  missed it, our very own Chef Devon Quinn was on WGN’s Lunchbreak today teaching viewers how to prepare our new grilled asparagus with burrata dish. You can watch the clip here. Looking to prepare the dish for yourself tonight at home? Here’s the recipe:



Grilled Asparagus (serves 2)



11pcs large green asparagus

1 6”wooden skewer

2 Gallons heavily salted water

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Kosher Salt

Ground Black Pepper



Blanch the asparagus in heavily salted, rapidly boiling water for 45 seconds. Cool rapidly in an ice bath. Pat dry with paper towel. Lightly oil the asparagus, and season with salt in pepper. Grill until lightly charred on each side and cooked through.



Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette



1 C shallots, brunoises (julienned & diced)

2oz (4 T) preserved lemon zest, small dice

2 lemons juice and zest

½ tsp freshly ground pink peppercorn (we use a mortar and pestle)

1 tsp dijion mustard

½ tsp sumac

4oz banyuls wine vinegar, or another high end red wine vinegar

10oz agrumato lemon oil, or other high end olive oil

Mix all ingredients are mixed together at the same time. It is a broken vinaigrette and is emulsified with a spoon or a small whisk.



Nepitella Smoked Burrata



4oz fresh burrata

1T agrumato lemon oil, or other high end olive oil

Sea Salt

Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Smoking Gun

Dried Nepitella

Dress the burrata with lemon oil and place into a covered container. Insert the hose of the smoking gun into the container and create an exit hole. Fill the chamber, light the smoking gun, and allow it to smoke until the chamber has completely burned. Open the burrata up, tearing it in half.  Dress with remaining lemon oil, and season with salt and pepper.

*Alternative to using a smoking gun*

The alternative for the smoked burrata:

Chef Devon uses the nepitella herb from the garden to smoke the asparagus on the grill (instead of smoking the burrata). From there he will use regular burrata and a touch of smoked sea salt for extra flavor. At-home cooks can also find already-smoked burrata at Whole Foods if they would like.






12oz 1 ½ cups) Red Bell Pepper, seeded and stemmed

2oz (4 T) fresno chili, seeded and stemmed

4oz (1/2 cup) red onion, diced

2oz (4 T) peeled garlic

1oz (2T) dried ancho chili, rehydrated

1oz (2T) dried aji Amarillo chili, rehydrated

2oz olive oil

Salt, Pepper

1T whole coriander

1T whole cumin

1T whole caraway

2oz Banyuls wine vinegar, or other good quality red wine vinegar

Coat all of the fresh vegetables in olive oil, and season with salt and pepper. Roast at 350 degrees until blistered and golden brown. Approximately 12 minutes. Remove garlic if it is browning too much and continue to roast the remaining vegetables until done. Toast the spices in a dry pan until fragrant. It is very important to keep the spices moving, so they don’t burn. Add all ingredients to a blender, and puree for several minutes until smooth. Season with salt to taste and pass through a chinois/fine mesh strainer.



Puffed Rice and Toasted Sesame


Heat 2 T of vegetable oil (heated to 400 degrees). Drop in ¼ cup puffed wild rice. Remove as soon as it puffs. Season with salt. Toast 1/8 cup white sesame seeds & 1/8 cup black sesame seeds in a dry pan until golden brown and fragrant.


To Assemble

Lay the grilled asparagus on the plate and layer the remaining ingredients – burrata, lemon oil – amount to your liking, smoked salt – if you have it, vinaigrette – amount to your liking, harissa – about 2 tablespoons in divided in dollops, puffed rice/sesame, sesame oil – on top.  Season with Maldon sea salt, and drizzle with high quality toasted sesame oil.



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