March 28, 2018 Dining


Within these walls

Every item in our space has a story, a purpose, and an artist behind it, whether it be a local family-run business or a world-renowned international designer. Take a look inside the thought and love we put into each and every item in our space, and meet some of the artists who helped create it.


The black and white tiles that line our bar and chef’s counter were made in Spain and designed by world renowned interior architect and furniture designer Francisco Segarra.



Our black and white paintings on our walls were commissioned by Angela Simone, a Nashville artist whose work has appeared in magazines and TV shows such as “Nashville.” Angela’s inspiration for the paintings came from the botanical elements of both the space and namesake Eden, which means ‘bountiful garden.’



Our framed vintage mudcloths, sourced from around the world, are a nod to the fermentation processes Chef Devon Quinn and his team love to work with at Eden, as mudcloth is also created from the fermentation of — you guessed it — mud!



The fiber art hanging on our back wall was commissioned by Justine Depalma, creative director for Whole Foods and a New Jersey based artist. Justine uses all natural dyes and created ours specifically for Eden with Turmeric, Indigo and Green Tea.



Our custom zinc tables were designed in-house and sourced locally from Meg Piercy and her family-run company MegMade. With Eden being a family-run restaurant, we always look to support similar small, local businesses.



The hand-carved cedar planters serve as centerpieces to each table, and were made exclusively for Eden by Diane DeCocq in Scottsdale, Arizona.



Our two communal tables and host stand were also made by a local family-run business, Square Nail, a boutique furniture store in Logan Square that makes custom pieces onsite.



Cement lighting pendants are constructed from concrete to create energy efficient lights instead of using glass or metal, furthering our commitment to green living.



Photos by Hallie Duesenberg

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