June 23, 2023 Eden, Farming, Local


Jerry Boone from Froggy Meadow Farm Needs Your Help


A Favorite Local Farmer Faces Devastating Drought Issues

While you may not know Jerry or have heard of his farm, you may have dined at a restaurant that uses what he grows. If you’ve been to eden, you have certainly enjoyed the ingredients that he provides. Since 2008 Jerry has been growing eggplants, tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms, and more, using only sustainable and organic methods. For the past 8 years, Chef Devon Quinn has made a routine of going to @greencitymarket. One farmer in particular that Devon has connected with is Jerry Boone from Froggy Meadow Farm.

Devon and Jerry share a similar passion for quality, knowledge, and growing. Unfortunately, due to low levels of precipitation for the past 3-4 months, the well that Jerry’s farm pulls water from is drying up and he’s at risk of losing a year’s worth of crops.

Together, with other chefs and restaurants in Chicago, we are raising funds to help get Jerry the resources he needs to remediate his land to help him and his farm thrive in the future.

Thank you to the teams at @edeninchicago, @lulacafe, @prairiegrasscafe, @smythchicago, @obelixchicago, @cellardoorprovisions, @northpondchi, and @theparamountgroupchi for supporting this initiative!

If you’d like to help, please consider donating to and/or sharing our gofundme. Your support means so much to Jerry and to our team. Every little bit helps!

Donate to Help Jerry from Froggy Meadow Farm

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